• Image of Esa - Facciacce Series (22,8 x 30 cm)
  • Image of Esa - Facciacce Series (22,8 x 30 cm)
  • Image of Esa - Facciacce Series (22,8 x 30 cm)

by Esa

"Characters" is Masito and Esa's first double solo show in Italy! Since 2020 the artists have jointly structured this exhibition and today, two years later, they have finally seen it realised. For the occasion they have created unique pieces exclusively for our gallery!

"Characters" is an exhibition in which graphic signs and letters appear in a more or less intelligible way in all the works on show, recalling the artists' passion for graffiti.
They are the zero point of everything and the point of arrival of an artistic production with different, almost opposite traits. On the one hand Esa's Facciacce emerge from an apparent chaos of techniques and colours; on the other hand Masito's Sideralis show an apparent static, linear and cleanliness.

Masito and Esa are artists who are known and appreciated in the artistic scene as rappers, the former being the founder of the Roman group Colle der Fomento, the latter of the groups Otr and Gente Guasta. "Characters" is therefore also an exhibition made up of stories: pieces of music history that intersect with the personal stories of the lives of the two artists.

Date: 2020/2021
Technique: Pastel, tempera and Bic pen on paper
Size: 22,8 x 30 cm

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