• Image of Aakash Nihalani - Spaced Series
  • Image of Aakash Nihalani - Spaced Series
  • Image of Aakash Nihalani - Spaced Series

Born in Queens (USA), but of Indian heritage, Aakash Nihalani (1986) utilizes colored, oftentimes fluorescent, adhesive tape to create simple geometric shapes that simulate three-dimensionality and function as deceptive continuations of the surrounding adjacent structures. Once the optical illusions are created, it is the human body that brings them to life, achieving a visual effect that is surprising and unexpected each time. In Aakash’s installations people interact with the geometries as they would with 3-dimensional depth and perspective, as both players and as spectators alike.

In 2008 Nihalani received a BFA from the Steinhardt School of New York University (NYU), and in 2012, Lisa de Kooning awarded him a residency at Willem de Kooning’s studio in East Hampton, NY. His work has been shown on the international stage and is included in a number of publications including The New York Times, The Times of India, Vogue India, Artinfo and The Huffington Post.

Title: Spaced 2 - 3 - 4
Date: 2014
Size: 41 x 41 cm
Technique: Digital print, fluorescent paper
Edition of 25
Signed and numbered by the artist

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